It’s been an interesting year. One for the record books. We’ve faced a deadly virus, experienced an emotionally charged presidential campaign in a divided country, and held our breath in some ways wondering what the future will hold.

As a fitting end to 2020, we’ve seen silver monoliths similar to those in Kubrick’s 1960s film “2001” pop up all over the world and pondered what they could be, as well as their individual and collective message to the world. Whether they are part of a new viral film or streaming service show campaign, art installations, or warnings from interplanetary visitors, they are an interesting conclusion to an unpredictable year that seems like a time traveler may be trying to fix problems he has created with the Grandfather Paradox.

In my latest column, I tried to include some of the most interesting films I have watched in 2020, some that even involve mind-bending stories of time and space.

While many of them are popcorn thrillers, some have deeper meaning, exploring issues of race and class. A common theme in many is the will to survive.

Hopefully this list of movies will help you fight boredom during quarantine, and we will continue to survive and thrive in the new year always remaining hopeful with gratitude and finding joy in simple things.  

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Editor of The Southern Galaxy

December 2020

As the debate about Civil War imagery continued, I decided to research Mississippi history, and I remained convinced that Mississippi needed a new flag.

I also learned a few interesting facts about the Natchez people, who were Mississippi residents long before the colonists arrived.

Since writing the column, state leaders have passed a resolution that would allow lawmakers to vote on changing the state flag. This could signify a new era in Mississippi history.

The state has been its own worst enemy in many ways. The current flag is an example of that.

A new flag could symbolize that Mississippians will now tackle all of the issues that have held the state back … together.

You can read my column here.

Editor of The Southern Galaxy

June 2020