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As children, one of the first things we ponder is the sky. What exactly are the stars and why don’t they fall to the ground? How can we stand with our feet in the dirt and simultaneously rotate through space on a course that never fails to bring us fall, winter, spring and summer? If we’re alone in space, our lives are either completely meaningless . . . or our existence is perhaps the most extraordinary thing that has ever happened since time began.

As we grow older, the sky and all it holds is something we cannot demystify. It will always be bigger than we are, too complex to fully comprehend. No matter how wise we think we are, the sky is a reminder that not even our most brilliant scientists have been able to solve the greatest of life’s mysteries, yet they continue to explore, experiment and inquire.

We plan to do the same with The Southern Galaxy. In our own way, with our own words, we’ll take a closer look at our world, specifically the South, hoping to magnify certain issues with our metaphorical telescope. We plan to offer a mix of stories and columns that explore the region and beyond in both fun and serious ways. We hope you will read stories you connect with, and you are invited to contact us if you’d like to share your own Southern Story.

The Southern Galaxy is a website and a creative business. We publish the work of freelance journalists, providing information, news, commentary and current events in the field of Southern culture, including food, music, history, art news, entertainment and sports.

"We each exist for but a short time, and in that time, explore but a small part of the whole universe. But humans are a curious species. We wonder, we seek answers. Living in this vast world that is by turns kind and cruel, and gazing at the immense heavens above, people have always asked a multitude of questions: How can we understand the world in which we find ourselves? How does the universe behave? What is the nature of reality? Where did all this come from?"
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Stephen Hawking

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