My Life in High Point, North Carolina

High Point, North Carolina

I am from High Point, North Carolina, the smallest city within the triad area that is made up of High Point, Winston Salem and Greensboro.

High Point was founded May 26, 1859 and has a strong historical background that makes it interesting. It is a smaller city and combines the beauty of rural countryside with city-like qualities.

It is a city of innovation and commerce and home to High Point University, an institution that attracts students and professors from all over the world.

Growing up in High Point, I have had a lot of time to enjoy the restaurants and shops surrounding it because there was little else to do. My siblings, friends and I often had to get creative. Whether we went out to eat, walked the local trails, or simply found fun, new things to do at home, we always enjoyed the time we spent together.

Some of the best time I spent were with friends at High Point Central High School, which I attended all four years. High Point Central was founded in 1897 and has a historical feel. It’s architecture is similar to many area buildings and holds a special place in my heart. My grandparents, aunt, and dad all attended school there.

We have all spent many years there and can bond over our experiences and how they were different from one another. Many of my friends had family who attended the school and cherish the later generations who have continued to go there.

A distinctive place that reminds me of home and is special to High Point is Carolina’s Diner. It has a unique style and vintage diner feel. The Diner, as we called it, was always for me and my friends – a place where we could go after football or basketball games and hang out and drink milkshakes or split fries and socialize. For my family and I, it was a brunch destination.

High Point, North Carolina

Another well-known establishment is the Corner Grill on the edge of town. It’s one of the oldest, family-owned restaurants serving backyard barbeque-style burgers, hot dogs, and more. It has a vintage feel and attracts people from all over the triad with a small, low-country ambiance that makes it feel “homey” and comfortable. It symbolizes the camaraderie and community of High Point and the importance of family.

DeBeen Espresso has arts and underground scene. Founded in the early 2000s, it is the go-to coffee shop. It allows local artists to display their work, almost like a gallery, to have it auctioned or seen. They also offer an open mic night where artists can sing, rehearse poetry, tell jokes, and much more. It’s the hub of High Point and a place where you can meet, socialize and even study.

High Point is also known for great hiking trails. At any point in the year, people will hike on trails, walk their dogs, enjoy time with friends and family, and exercise. The landscape makes it easy to do everything you need and want within a small region, so you are close to home.

Finally, the local recreation fields and club soccer fields are important to me and my friends. We spent a lot of long days and nights at those fields, whether it was to practice, play games, or just hang out and kick the ball around. It became a place I associate with discipline, respect, and obedience. It’s also where my parents made close friends and watched all of us grow up.

Overall, I am grateful to have grown up in a place like High Point, and I think many of my friends are too. It is a great city that offers a diverse range of options when it comes to staying interactive in your community. 


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