Shop For Unique Jewelry at Be on Park in Florida

Be On Park Winter Park, Florida. The interior of the business.

Opened in 2010 in the city of Winter Park, Florida, Be On Park is a jewelry business with a unique twist. Friends and owners Janice Blumberg and Matina Saltsman handpick each piece to fit the store aesthetic.

Blumberg graduated from Radford University with a bachelor’s of science in fashion merchandising and design. After graduation, she worked for five years in Naples, Florida as the assistant buyer for Marissa Collections, a haute couture salon for which she traveled to New York and Europe to do all the buying.

After marrying, she moved to Orlando and began working at a jewelry store for nine years before buying it. She and her husband had the store for two years before selling it to a private independent jewelry company. Blumberg consulted with them for five years, then took a five year hiatus before the idea of Be On Park was born.

Matina Saltsman was a stay at home mom until her kids began attending high school about the same time she decided to get her real estate license. From there, she worked for a local company and sold homes for two years before Be On Park was born.

(Janice) called me one day and said … quit your job,” she said. “We are opening up a jewelry store … and here I am today.”

The two friends found a small, wonderful space inside a boutique hotel on Park Avenue, the main street of Winter Park, a city nestled a few miles outside of metropolitan Orlando. They spent two years at this location before moving into a space two blocks down. 

“What then started out as a hobby turned into a substantial business,” Saltsman said.

Be On Park Winter Park, Florida. Three people stand outside the business.

The two owners came up with the store name after reading a book called Be by Kobi Yamada. The compilation of inspiring quotations explores the core elements of life. For example, the book says: Be moved, Be constructive, Be excited, Be amazing, Be resourceful, Be present.

The store’s website says the owners have embraced the “philosophy of being” while fashioning their store and its culture.

“Each piece should be beautiful, unique and packaged with love,” Blumberg said. “We want every customer to be happy with their new treasure and excited for the next.”

The store houses a collection of elegant jewelry pieces, including bracelets, necklaces, cuffs, earrings, cufflinks, pendants, chains, and rings that are described as classic with a twist. The two owners work with artists to craft unique pieces.

When asked how the owners maintain such a large profile in the jewelry industry of Orlando, they both agreed it’s about marketing and customer service.

Be On Park Winter Park, Florida. The exterior of the business.

“We have a wonderful staff that has been in the community for years with a great following,” Blumberg said. “I personally can attest to this as my family and I have always been treated with such love and respect the second we walk into the store, something hard to find in the world of fine jewelry.”

Be On Park uses Instagram and Facebook to advertise their designers. Their marketing coordinator has created a website and handles all of the store’s advertisements.

The owners said they hope to discover the next, hot designer and focus on the business that is continually changing and growing. Be On Park celebrated its 10th anniversary in April.


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