Paperdolls From St. Louis Predict Fashion Trends

Paperdolls Boutique in St. Louis

Paperdolls Boutique was founded in downtown St. Louis, Missouri in 2005 with a clear mission to provide a fun, unique, and personalized shopping experience. The original boutique, which carried both men and women’s clothing, was closed down.

In 2008, Beth Morris bought and reopened the store by catering to a new customer base and demographic. Today, Paperdolls Boutique is a women’s boutique with four locations in St. Louis. 

“I had always had a passion for retail fashion and saw this as an opportunity to take on a new hobby,” said Morris. “Looking back on the past 10+ years, I never imagined that Paperdolls would continue to grow into what it is today.”

Hailey Kruege, Paperdolls’ marketing coordinator, said the boutique appeals to all ages. Mothers and daughters can both find something they  like. Paperdolls has a team of experts who offer one-on-one styling sessions and weekly emails, including new arrivals of items catered to the customer’s style.

Paperdolls Boutique in St. Louis

As the seasons change, so do fashion trends. Paperdolls’ general manager, Lisa Schmidt, offered a few trend predictions. As summer ends, there will be “animal print everything from clothing to shoes in leopard, python, giraffe, and zebra.” This will likely become a recurring trend as animal prints have become increasingly popular.

“Crocodile will be making an appearance in handbags and shoes,” she said.

Schmidt foresees the rise of star and lightning bolt prints in accessories, clothing and jewelry. As the holiday season approaches, smocking and lurex details are sure to be seen in sweaters, tops, and dresses. 

Throughout the year, Schmidt observes how customers follow trends and what they are most likely to purchase. Making predictions about upcoming fashion trends is important for boutiques so they can stock the store with popular items.

Paperdolls Boutique in St. Louis

Nina D’Angelo, Paperdolls’ social media coordinator, shared the store’s best fashion tips.

Don’t just buy for one occasion. Although Paperdolls has something for most occasions, they encourage  customers to stock up on pieces you can take into multiple seasons.

It’s all about staples. Denim jackets, faux fur vests, and faux leather leggings are pieces that are always in style.

Accessories are a girl’s best friend. We have everything from jewelry to handbags that will complete any look. You can easily take a look from day to night with the right accessories.

Don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes to trendier pieces. Although we want you to feel your best you, we can always find a look for you that makes you step outside your comfort zone while still capturing your unique style. 

Along with providing the St. Louis community with style, Paperdolls also takes pride in philanthropy. The boutique understands the influence of unity.

“This philosophy of togetherness, working alongside our customers and associates to make our world a better place, is the foundation of our philanthropy,” their website reads. They are devoted to partnering with local and national organizations.


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