Recommendations For Your Food Trip to Shreveport

Shreveport, Louisiana

Although Shreveport, Louisiana is not on any list of top places to travel, it is a great place for a family where children can grow, learn and play.

An absolute must when traveling to Shreveport is lunch at Cush’s, owned by a native Shreveport family. It’s a cozy place with limited tables and endless food options. From daily soups and fresh items out of the case to delicious po-boys, everyone can find something they like.

My personal favorite is the stuffed avocado shrimp salad or beef tenderloin po-boy. If I am being “healthier,” I choose the shrimp salad. If I’m ignoring calories for the day, I select the beef tenderloin po-boy with French fries. They also have fresh meats, common household items, and a case of desserts.

Another must when visiting Shreveport is Southern Maid Donuts. They are the best donuts I have ever had, especially if you eat them while they’re hot. It is a staple in the community for early mornings at work, school, or church. Many people try to compare it to Shipley’s or Krispy Kreme, but they can’t. So far, every person whose tried a hot Southern Maid donut agrees it is completely unmatched.

Shreveport, Louisiana

Another must stop is Frank’s Neapolitan Pizza owned by a Shreveport native committed to serving amazing food with Italian roots. From fresh meat and cheese appetizers to Neapolitan pizza and pasta dishes, there isn’t anything bad on the menu. They also have an impeccable wine list featuring U.S. wines and some from many regions of Italy. There is a great description of each wine on the menu helpful for those who enjoy wine, but who may not be wine connoisseurs.

If you want a laid-back evening, the Robinson Film Center is a great spot downtown. It is a quaint movie theatre where they show classic and new movies. You can order dinner and drinks while watching a movie in a smaller, more intimate theatre. Or you can go to their rooftop bar and restaurant, Abby Singer’s Bistro.

If you want a wilder night on the town, there are many casinos to choose from, such as Sam’s Town, Margaritaville, and Horseshoe to name a few all located along the Red River.

Even though Shreveport might be known for its delicious food or  casinos, there are other attractions that make it special. At Betty Virginia Park in the heart of the city, you can walk or run, play frisbee, or enjoy the playground with smaller children. When the weather is nice, it’s fun to pack a picnic, sit in the grass and enjoy the natural beauty of Shreveport.

One of the casino’s parking garages offers the best view of the Shreveport skyline. You can see for miles and embrace the beauty of the Red River, downtown buildings, and the endless treeline.

There were many mornings in high school when my friends and I woke up early, got Southern maid donuts and put a blanket in the back of the car as we watched the sunrise.

There were also many times when we were bored in the late afternoon, so we drove there to see the sunset. Even if we missed the sunrise or sunset, it was the best place to go and watch the stars because it seemed as if the sky went on forever.


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