Taste Your Way Through Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte, North Carolina

Many people confuse Charlotte, North Carolina with Charleston, South Carolina or Charlottesville, Virginia, but there is no place like Charlotte.

As a Charlotte native, I am well-versed on all there is to enjoy in the beautiful city. It is Southern, yet metropolitan. It is small and suburban, yet wide-spread and urban. It is one of the fastest growing cities with multiple headquarters and the best food.

South End is the newest, hip area of Charlotte – the meeting place of Uptown and Myers Park. There are breweries and millennials scattered throughout the South Boulevard neighborhood that has grown in the past few years adding many apartments. Anytime a cool restaurant opens in Charlotte, it is expected to be in South End.

Jeni’s Spendid Ice Creams is new with bizarre, yet amazing flavors, such as Cherry Goat Cheese. Before you head there, try one of South End’s three amazing Asian restaurants.

Futo Buta is a small Japanese eatery known for their delicious Ramen bowls and “Instagrammable” matcha soft serve. The outdoor seating is also adorable and green.

The sushi restaurant Oku is a little more upscale. It sells the highest-end and most insane sushi in Charlotte. The restaurant features dark lighting and hip music, for a New York City feel.

Try Hawker’s Asian Street Fare with the coolest outdoor seating and lights everywhere.

The South Park neighborhood comes in second for food. This area is a staple for every Charlottean, as the biggest Whole Foods and mall is located here. There are also many schools and convenient places that draw most residents to South Park daily. Some of the best and most popular Charlotte restaurants are here.

My favorite is the French restaurant Cafe Monte. They do every single menu item very well, even the burgers and pizza. Make sure to get the beignets and Caesar salad.

Bulla is a Spanish tapas restaurant right by the mall. The menu features paella, kabobs, and many different cheese tastings. Those are my favorite things to order, and the patio is great, along with the service.

Tuscana is the most authentic Italian restaurant in Charlotte, owned by a man from Italy. The service is incredible, and you feel like you are in Italy. Make sure to try their gnocchi for the full Italian experience.

The last area with the best food is Myers Park/Uptown. These two are meshed because they are close enough to be considered the same area. Myers Park is a neighborhood full of families. This means there are really good, easy family restaurants.

Ruru’s is a Mexican restaurant with the best chips and “trio” of salsa, guacamole and queso. The taco options are also unreal with their mix-and-match options.

Aria Uptown is the perfect place to hit before a concert at Time Warner or a Hornets basketball game, as it is right by the arena and the major Uptown hotels. Aria is a fancy Italian restaurant with a really cool atmosphere and good food.

Hubee Dee’s is the most casual of the discussed restaurants. However, it is amazing. Hubee Dee’s has the best chicken fingers in Charlotte and is a perfect on-the-go eatery. 


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