Up The Creek in Tennessee on a Kayak Day Trip


Hi. My name is Julie. And I’m a day-tripper.

Okay, I know that sounds a little weird, but I just love something about quick, spontaneous trips. I also love to kayak, so I like to work that into a day trip if possible.

I had been begging my husband for months to go kayaking with me, and he finally surrendered and said he would go. So I thought, great time for a day trip.

Let me define a day trip. You find a place you’ve never been before or something you want to do, you get up early in the morning and go.

You do not – I repeat, do not – make a plan!

Most of us, live our lives according to schedules and routines, so it is good to break out and do something spontaneous that is not planned.

Okay, for those of you who are freaking out right now, you can get on the computer and look up the address to where you are going, but that is it.

Let me just start by saying, I’m a little picky about where I kayak. The water has to be very clear. I don’t like not being able to see what is under the water. I’m terrified of snakes. So when I’m looking for a place to kayak, it has to be in very clear water.

Tennessee Kayaking

I heard about a place in Olivehill, Tennessee on the Indian Creek called Up the Creek Kayak and Canoe Rental. It is about two hours from where I live, and I always take the scenic route, which means putting your GPS on highways and not interstate.

It might take a little longer to get there, but it is where you will find the little treasures you can stop and visit on the way home. Also, it normally has really pretty, rural scenery, something city folks don’t always get to see.

We left at about 9 a.m. and got there at 11:30 a.m.  The people there are incredibly friendly. We rented two kayaks and paid to have them take us to the drop-off spot.

They load the kayaks in a big trailer that is pulled by an old school bus, and a very nice guy drives you to the drop-off spot. It is a two-hour ride down a beautiful crystal clear creek.

It’s shady, so you don’t get too hot, but if you do, there are many places you can swim to cool off. When you reach the pick-up spot, you are back where you started. I always feel like a little kid when they get off the roller coaster and say, “Let’s do it again!”

On the way home, you’ll find treasures. As we were driving to Olivehill, we went through a town called Selmer. I remembered that name from the movie “Walking Tall.” It’s based on a true story about a man named Buford Pusser, who became the sheriff of a small town that was very corrupt. In cleaning up the town, he angers many people who are profiting from the crime and corruption, and they retaliate by trying to kill him and his wife.

On our way home, we stopped to see the museum (which was his home) dedicated to Pusser. His home is actually in the little town of Savannah, Tennessee, and it is like stepping back in time. Main Street is quaint, with antique stores, locally-owned restaurants and even a boutique call SpaLicious Too. They sell Kendra Scott jewelry, so my husband was nice and bought me a pair of earrings.

But my favorite find was the Hickory Pit. After a two-hour kayaking trip, we were very hungry. The Hickory Pit is a really small, but cozy barbecue restaurant that was absolutely delicious. Most barbecue places just serve meat on a bun or a plate, but this place likes to mix it up.

I ordered the Piggy Fries, or seasoned potato wedges topped with pulled pork, cheese, bacon and green onions served with barbecue sauce and ranch dressing. I had never mixed so many of my favorite and fattening foods together into one dish. They also have amazing homemade desserts, so be sure to order that first.

This kind of trip might not sound like your cup of tea, but mix it up a little and make it your own. Just pick a place you’ve never been, get up early, and remember – don’t make a plan.  Be spontaneous, explore and have fun.


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