New Zealand offers scenery you won’t find anywhere else

New Zealand

New Zealand is an extraordinary place to visit. Each city feels completely different from the last. It’s possible to make a trip around New Zealand in as little as one week.

To start, Auckland, New Zealand is a vibrant city. With every turn of a corner, you can find little restaurants and shops. Although, I didn’t go to Auckland to see that city.

From Auckland, you can take a one-hour boat ride to Waiheke Island. Its natural beauty is unrealistic. Waiheke Island is a tiny gem with hills and mountains that feature some of the world’s greatest vineyards.

People travel to Waiheke island for the sole purpose of wine tasting. You can go on a tour that will drive you from vineyard to vineyard sampling some of the best wine, cheese and oysters.

From Auckland, you can take a seven-hour drive to Wellington, New Zealand or a short flight. Although, if you drive, you can stop at the Hobbiton Movie Set, where Lord of the Rings was filmed. The tour lasts about two hours, and you can see all of the mountains and scenery that made the movie so unique.

Another stop along the drive is Lake Taupo. Try to plan for your trip so you can make the stop while the sun is setting. It’s worth it. Once you get there, it’s breathtaking.

Finally, Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and is known for its beautiful harbor and amazing cafes. Most people make the connection between Wellington and San Fransisco because their cable cars are a popular attraction.

In Wellington, you can explore the city or go to Victoria Mount Lookout point for amazing views. This view shows the entire city, and going there alone makes Wellington worth the trip.

From Wellington, you can take a short flight to Queenstown, which is where a lot of people go when they visit New Zealand. We visited Queenstown during their winter. The temperature was very cold, but it made the town feel like a small skiing town in Colorado.

The streets are lined with shops, restaurants, and it has a lively social scene. Along the harbor, there are jet boat tours and little booths set up with food and activities. If you are looking for an upbeat town with a good nightlife, Queenstown is perfect.

When we visited Queenstown, we enjoyed the city, but we also participated in some excursions. Most people who go to New Zealand go on excursions because the country is known for its adventurous sites and activities.

We went skiing at The Remarkables, which was affordable. A package included rental ski clothes, a ski pass, and a ride to and from the hill.

Along the ride up the hill, there are great views. It takes you so high up, you physically drive through the clouds. Skiing there is easily compared to skiing in the alps.

We also took a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain with snowfall. You can take in New Zealand’s great land structure from up above. It was an experience like no other.

Another excursion was the Nevis Bungy & Swing. This is the world’s most famous swing. The reason it’s so popular is it’s known for how high and long the jump-off is. This excursion gave us an insane rush through the air. It is perfect for the adrenaline junkie.

The restaurants and food in Queenstown were amazing. Every meal we ate, we loved. We just walked into any local restaurant in the city center.

We also tried the famous burger from Fergburger. This burger was rated quite possibly the greatest in the world by CNN.

New Zealand
South Bend, Indiana

Milford Sound was our final spot on our tour around New Zealand. It is known as the eighth wonder of the world. It was an hour’s drive from Queenstown.

You can take a boat ride through the entire site. This allows you to sit there and take it all in. There are many peaks within the waters and multiple amazing waterfalls and rainbows.

Milford Sound is dominated by dense rain forest. It was absolutely breathtaking. I highly recommend visiting it.

Overall, the greatest trip I have ever taken was New Zealand. I felt like I was in another world, and the activities there are unbelievable. For the adventurous soul who loves the outdoors, New Zealand is the place for you.


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