Have a Wicked Time on Florida’s Amelia Island

Amelia Island

Last summer, I had the opportunity to live in one of my favorite places, Amelia Island, Florida. I have grown up going to the beach there, and it’s where my family loves to spend time together.

I got a job on the island and spent my whole summer in this special place. I had the opportunity to go back to the places I have always gone, like the beach, certain restaurants, etc., and I also learned about new places on the island that now mean a great deal to me.

I also got to meet many college kids my age who were also there working for the summer. I became friends with them and will keep up with them forever.

The restaurants on Amelia Island are some of my favorite ever. They have a great deal of variation, and have all become places I look forward to eating at every time I go.

The place that holds the most meaning is The Surf Restaurant & Bar. It is right across the street from my condo, and I have been going there since I was little, so 20 years now.

My family has been going there for even longer, and I have such sweet memories of my great-grandparents dancing to “Brown-eyed Girl” and “Under the Boardwalk” while I eat fish tacos or fried shrimp.


Amelia Island
Wicked Bao

My next favorite restaurant is a place called Ciao Italian Eatery. Luca, the owner of Ciao, is from Italy and creates the best pastas I have ever had. This combination, along with fresh seafood, makes it a place I have to visit every time I go to the beach. I love going to catch up with Luca and eat his amazing food.

This summer, my friends and I happened upon an interesting restaurant called Wicked Bao in the downtown area on one of the side streets. We had the chance to try this place and it was fantastic. I had never heard of or had a Wicked Bao, but it’s a doughy piece of bread served with shrimp, fish, etc. on top, sort of like a taco.

My favorite place on the island and somewhere I spent too much time is Fantastic Fudge, the ice cream place downtown. I have been going there since I was little. The fudge brownie ice cream is unbelievably good, and they have a window, so you can watch them make their special fudge. They also make their own chocolate covered pretzels, etc. This is my favorite dessert place, and I love getting ice cream, then walking to the marina to watch the sunset. 

Although it sounds like all I did was eat this summer, when I wasn’t working, I did other things on the island that I love. My friends and I biked the 13-mile strip of road next to the water and spent our off days on the beach.

Of course, since it is an island, there are so many activities to do on the water, and just relaxing on the beach is always a favorite. We also went to Fort Clinch, a old military base known for having the best shark teeth hunting.

Walking around the downtown area is so much fun because there is so much history to read and learn about. There is also great shopping, and the marina is a pretty place to relax. I’ve also been on a ghost tour downtown, and although I don’t believe in the ghosts, the history of it all is really interesting.

Since Florida is so flat, I can always do one of my favorite hobbies –  running while I’m at the beach. Amelia Island has some of the best sunsets and sunrises, and this summer, I saw the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. I have included a picture, although it will not do the real thing justice.

Going downtown for dinner or ice cream and then watching the sunset is something I love to do when I go to the beach. My friends and I discovered a small place called The Green Turtle with an outside patio, a band with great music.

Amelia Island is my form of paradise, and living there this past summer made it my most fun summer yet. The memories, restaurants, many  things to do, and sweet atmosphere make it my favorite place in the world.


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