Raft-up in Severna Park, Maryland and experience life on the water

Severna, Maryland

Growing up, I never appreciated where I was from. However, being so far from home now, I realize how lucky I was to grow up in such a unique and special place. 

Severna Park, Maryland is the place I call home. It is one of my favorite places because it has so many things to offer.

One thing that makes this town so special is its proximity to such diverse places. It is about 10 minutes from historic downtown Annapolis, the capital of the state. It is also 20 minutes from Baltimore and only an hour away from Washington, D.C.

Being so close to all of these places, there is almost always something to do. Annapolis is such a quaint, beautiful town that is accessible by boat. Most of the restaurants have a dock, and you can be served on your boat, which is unique and provides a fun aesthetic.

The proximity to Washington, D.C. is exciting because it is the capital of the United States. It is full of museums and culture.

One of the coolest spots in D.C. is called The U Club. It is an underground concert venue not many people know about it, but a lot of great artists perform there.

Baltimore is always great to visit. One of the best seafood places you will find is in the Baltimore Harbor – Nick’s Fish House. It is a popular spot for the Baltimore Orioles players, and you are almost guaranteed to run into Cal Ripken Senior if you go there on a Sunday night. 

Severna, Maryland

Another unique thing about Severna Park, Maryland, is almost every neighborhood has a dock with water and docking access. A Severna Park staple is raft-ups. A raft-up is when a group of people each take out their boats, tie them together and hang out on the water all day.

If you get the chance to take a boat out on the Severn River, you cannot miss the infamous cliffs, a hidden spot only locals know about.

If you climb the cliffs, there is a rope swing overlooking the entire town. Upon graduation from the local high school, all graduated seniors go to the cliffs and swing off the rope swing to celebrate completion of high school. 

Being so close to Annapolis, many people from Severna Park have ties to the United States Naval Academy in the center of Annapolis. It is the source of many special events and opportunities.

One of the local favorites that almost everyone goes to is the graduation of plebe summer. This graduation is unique because it does not involve a ceremony; it is a competition.

Upon completion of the plebes, plebe summer, the upperclassmen grease up a flag pole, and on top of the flag pole, there is a flag. All the plebes rush to the pole to see who can reach the top and seize the flag first. It is a team-building experience for the graduating plebes and an entertaining event for locals to watch. 

Every year at the beginning of May, the locals of Severna Park celebrate the year’s most anticipated local holiday, Blue Angels, the United States Navy’s flight demonstration squadron. Every year, they tour and hold an air show over the Severn River. Severna Park and Annapolis locals take out their boats and raft-up with friends and families for the day and watch the show.

Since it is during the day and the school year, so many people take their children out of school to watch it. Last year, school was canceled for the event that is cherished by locals because it is something the entire community comes together for. 

Two local landmarks are Kinder Farm Park and the Donut Shack.

Kinder Farm Park is a local park where kids play local club sports. So it is nostalgic for those who grow up and graduate from Severna Park.

It also contains a petting zoo in which all locals are invited to meet new sheep babies each year and volunteer with animals.

It is an inclusive, family-oriented place where almost everyone has made great memories.

The Donut Shack is an old favorite. It is family-owned and open 24/7. They host many charity events. It is the spot where many seniors go after early dismissal or a late-night after-party spot. Many memories have been made there by almost all locals.


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