Eat Slugburgers at the Crossroads in Corinth

Corinth, Mississippi

When most people think of Mississippi, they think of the bigger areas like Oxford, Tupelo, Jackson and the Coast. When I think of Mississippi I think of my wonderful hometown, Corinth. From the slugburgers and railroads to annual festivals, I am honored to call Corinth home. 

A slugburger is a burger made of a mixture of beef and bread deep-fat fried to a golden brown instead of grilled as common hamburgers. For many years, slugburgers were commonly sold locally for 5 cents or a nickel. An expression for a nickel is a slug. That’s how the slugburger got its name.

Corinth has a slugburger festival every year in July. There is an entertainment venue, where a few concerts are held during the week and a carnival. 

Corinth is also known for its many restaurants, but I believe the most famous is Borrums, the oldest drug store and soda fountain in Mississippi, founded in 1865.

Borrums has been owned and operated by the same family since the Civil War. They serve all kinds of foods, including old time sodas from their fountain, slugburgers, and homemade milkshakes. 

Railroads are also a unique Corinth feature. The town was founded in 1853 as Cross City, because it served as a junction for the Mobile & Ohio and Memphis & Charleston railroads. It was the town’s early newspaper editor, W.E. Gibson, who suggested the name Corinth, named for the city in Greece that also served as a crossroads.

Corinth, Mississippi
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Corinth’s location at the junction of two railroads made it strategically important to the Confederacy during the American Civil War. Corinth also has a Confederate statue downtown. This monument was erected as a tribute to Confederate soldiers who died at the Battle of Shiloh in October 1862. 

Downtown Corinth has several shopping places, all within a mile of each other. Boutiques and shops range from women’s and men’s clothing to dog accessories and candy shops.

There are also a few restaurants located downtown. A personal favorite is Buck’s, which serves barbecue, quesadillas, nachos, and other items. My family also loves Pizza Grocery.

If you want to explore history, the Crossroads Museum invites visitors to view its permanent exhibits about the Civil War, railroads, aviation, business/industry and pre-history/archeology.

Many African Americans who fled Southern plantations and farms seeking freedom and protection found the Union-occupied Corinth to be a secure location.

Union General Grenville Dodge understood what effect the defection of thousands of African Americans would have on the Confederate War effort. He began to enlist the escaped slaves who came into his lines as teamsters, cooks, and laborers.

He actively recruited male refugees, armed them, and placed them in charge of security at the newly organized contraband camp in Corinth.

A Coca-Cola museum is also located in downtown Corinth, where visitors explore the history and innovations of the product.

Corinth is a fun city surrounded by genuine people, who will always welcome you with a smile.



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