Don’t overlook Saltillo when traveling to Tupelo

Saltillo Mississippi

Growing up in a small town outside of Tupelo, I have yet to experience much of life. Although I have traveled to different places on vacation, I have remained in the South.

While Saltillo is tiny compared to Tupelo, it has hidden luxuries, and it is convenient because it is close to Tupelo, which is one of the bigger cities in North Mississippi. Here are some places visitors will not want to miss when they are crossing through the Saltillo and Tupelo area.

One of the most recent additions is Saltillo Nutrition. The business sells a variety of teas and protein shakes. Recently, I had the opportunity to try one of their delicious teas. A key selling point are the unique names. They have a Mermaid tea, a Captain America tea, and a Hocus Pocus tea, special for the month of October.

I had the Hocus Pocus tea because I wanted to celebrate Halloween, even if it is a little early. The Hocus Pocus tea was sweet, but tart. There is bound to be one that a customer will enjoy.

They also have options for kids, and I tried one of their protein shakes flavored like a chocolate-covered strawberry. It lived up to its name.

Saltillo Nutrition has keto- and diabetic-friendly drinks, and their drinks are low in calories. Their teas effectively provide energy for the consumer, and it is a healthier option. I know I will be visiting this business on countless occasions to try a new drink.

Saltillo Mississippi

Another intriguing place in Saltillo is Skybox, next door to Saltillo Nutrition. According to the website, Skybox is a pizzeria. However, it has plenty of options. I order a burger when I go to the restaurant. I have not tried their pizzas, but a friend orders one every time we decide to eat there for lunch.

Because it is like a sports bar, it is an inviting environment, and it is the perfect place to gather together with a group of friends and watch one of the latest games. It is also convenient because a person does not have to travel to Tupelo to indulge in delicious and greasy food.

For the shopping-savvy, Halo is the perfect option. The Saltillo boutique offers trendy clothes for a variety of tastes. It is a luxury many could miss if they are not paying attention.

Halo has plenty of sales for bargain hunters. The building is organized and features a beautiful color scheme. This creates an inviting atmosphere for new customers. It is the perfect place to shop if someone needs new clothes or accessories for a fair price.

The Tupelo Flea Market, while not in Saltillo, is a nearby hot spot during the second weekend of every month. Admission is only one dollar, and it lasts for the duration of the day. From roasted peanuts to baseball cards, ot is almost a guarantee that a person will find something he or she likes. My family purchased our Great Dane there.

Although the areas of Saltillo and Tupelo may seem insignificant to tourists, it has been my home for many years, and I doubt I will ever move too far away from the place I have always considered home.



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