A city view of Barcelona, Spain.

My Top Recommendations For A Barcelona Adventure

I traveled 4,689 miles to Barcelona, Spain, stepped off the plane and into European culture. My eyes were opened to the diverse way of life that differed from my hometown of Vestavia Hills, Alabama. Hera are six recommendations for Barcelona adventures.

1. Park Güell is an amazing area full of colorful architecture and gardens offering great photo opps and one of Barcelona’s most popular landmarks. Anoni Gaudí created the architecture showcasing Catalan culture.

2. Dive into the Spanish, Catalan culture in Barcelona by visiting La Sagrada Familia. Although it is touristy, you must see this beautiful Catholic Church also designed by Gaudí. Walk around with provided earbuds and a “phone” that explains the structure’s history. Make sure your shoulders covered, and you are prepared for a history-filled day.

Pilars of a Barcelona building

3. Barcelona is known for its interesting and diverse markets. One of my absolute favorites was Mercado de La Boqueria. The markets are full of booths with art, food and locals. It is the best way to immerse yourself in the culture of Barcelona. I went to the market the very first day. The food, art, and knick-knacks were all different. One of my favorite parts of the market was candy. Booths had shelves fully stocked with all the candy you could ever imagine.

Colorful candy in Barcelona.

4. Another of my top activities was riding eBikes down the street by Barceloneta Beach. The scenery was breathtaking, and I believe it’s a must-do in the city. Here you can set up a tour guide to take you on electric bikes through different parts of the city. He took us to a Barcelona lookout spot where you could see the beach, a hotel, and the city’s vibrance. Our guide had European charm, and the bikes make for a relaxing, but exhilarating tour through Barcelona. After the tour, our guide took us to grab a snack at a local restaurant. It was a great way to meet locals and get immersed in the culture.

A line of palm trees.

5. My family was always down to find healthy spots for dinner. One of my favorites was Flax & Kale. 80% of their dishes are plant-based, and the other 20% are recipes that include blue fish. It was a great refresher from meat, cheese, and bread. My favorite entree was the plant-based pizza. Flax & Kale also had the best ice cream with plant-based pastries, fruit and nuts on top. 

Ice cream in Barcelona.

6. If you know me, you know I always want to find the best açai bowl in town. Check out Zumito Barcelona. Located close to Barcelona Beach, Zumito has the best açai bowls and avocado toast. It’s the best stop for a quick, healthy lunch. The sun from the beach always shines at Zumito. Order at the front, then sit down, feel the sunshine, and wait for your açai bowl. 

Food in Barcelona.

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