Italy's Amalfi Coast.

Explore Cliffs And Cafes On Italy’s Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast extends 31 miles along Italy’s Southern peninsula. This coastline offers beautiful towns, turquoise water, and colorful, breathtaking villas.

The isle of Capri is right off the Amalfi Coast with incomparable beauty. I was overwhelmed by the cliffside villas with brightly colored roofs. Some crested on a high point, while others were among the greenery. 

The island is easily accessible by boat. I arrived to find white sands and restaurants overlooking the water. I chose to explore Capri all the way up the main town on the high point of a cliff overlooking the island.

You have the option of riding a trolley up or choosing the scenic pathway. I chose to take the trolley up, but I recommend always taking the pathway down. I ventured through the pathway and saw the most amazing sites.

The architecture is stunning. Lemon trees grow in every yard with different flower varieties. I saw many stores filled with the fresh scents of amber, sandalwood, and ylang-ylang. Many perfume stores offer these scents for tourists. I bought two bottles.

Italy's Amalfi Coast.

Fresh treats are offered from bakeries, such as Panificio Fornaretto in Anacapri. I ordered their divine and creamy gelato, but they have many other treats, such as a famous lemon cakes, pizetta of pomodoro, ripiene wurstel and polenta cakes.

If you like caves, Capri has a sea cave off the coast called the Blue Grotto, a dark cave lit with blue waters. Private boating tours are offered for three hours in a small canoe. The only entrance to the cave is three feet tall, requiring everyone in the boat to lay flat. After boat tours close, anyone can swim into the cave and experience the night waters. 

The town of Sorrento also provides wonderful views from the high points of the cliffs. I was in awe of the beauty of the sun resting on the water of the Mediterranean Sea.

The food there is a mixture of traditional and contemporary, including delicious pizza. I thoroughly enjoyed the tiramisu I had at Ristorante L’Antica Trattoria Sorrento. My favorite was caprese salad and the zucchini flower dish. You can view their entire menu here.

Shopping ranged from boutiques with local items to luxury brands, including Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Hotels provided an open view of the coastline. 

The hotels are elegant, especially the Hotel Sorrento City with a stunning rooftop restaurant and lounge. The boutique hotel in Sorrento center was built during the 1950s and first known as Maison Meublé. 

Located in the heart of Sorrento on the main avenue, the hotel is just few metres from the main square “Piazza Tasso,” and 100 metres from the Circumvesuviana train station, Sita local bus stop and Marina Piccola seaport, where ferries and hydrofoils leave for Capri, Positano, Ischia and all the locations of the Gulf of Naples, according to the hotel website. 

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