Buildings in downtown Augusta, Georgia.

Don’t Overlook Augusta, Georgia’s Southern Charm

From its unique downtown atmosphere to scenic spots, such as the Augusta National Golf Club and the Phinizy Center & Nature Park, Augusta, Georgia is a hub of Southern culture and excellence on the border of Georgia and South Carolina. 

Caught in the elegant, rolling hills of both states’ northern regions, Augusta opens up to a fabulous view of the city. Due to its location, it is visited by many people, yet driven through by some. Whether they are going to Columbia or Charleston, or Athens and Atlanta in the opposite direction, many overlook Augusta.  

When it comes to sports and entertainment, people recognize Augusta as the location of The Masters – PGA Tour, the only major Professional Golfers’ Association tournament that never changes location and is rooted heavily in tradition. 

Buildings in downtown Augusta, Georgia.
Sir Mildred Pierce [CC BY 2.0 (]

If you’re looking for a great place to eat healthy, check out Humanitree House, Augusta’s first organic and vegan fresh-pressed food restaurant, and the New Moon Cafe. Visit Café 209, Wife Saver and Chef’s House. All three offer wonderful Southern cuisine and barbecue menus.

Attend Minor League baseball game played by the Augusta Greenjackets. Located at SRP Park, it’s a great place to catch day or night games with friends and family. If you’re looking for nightlife and live music, Garden City Social is the best place to experience a fun night out with friends. The James Brown ArenaMiller Theater, and Jessye Norman Amphitheater also feature musicians.

Augusta has many attractions for nature lovers. The long, wooden boardwalks and tall, magnificent mossy oak trees fill the Phinizy Swamp and create an ominous sense of Southern nostalgia. As if you’re inside a piece of Southern art, the wonderful colors and nature sounds will make a morning or afternoon jog better. 

With the Savannah River running through the city, a series of smaller rivers and coves are the perfect place to get out on the water. Places like the Savannah Rapids pavilion and Augusta Riverwalk area are an excellent place to go boating and kayaking. 

Augusta offers many downtown shops and shopping centers. If you’re looking for boutiques and old school shops, visit downtown northern Augusta and Aiken. Try the Augusta (farmers’) Market and Augusta Row to sample food and artwork.

Augusta embodies the idea of Southern living, and it offers a peaceful, beautiful way of life. Serving as a place of great tradition and beautiful scenery, it is a place every person should visit in the South.


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