The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

San Francisco Bay Area Will Leave You Longing

Being born and raised in the California Bay Area was a blessing in disguise. I had so many things at my finger tips.  I didn’t know what I would be missing when I left for college.

Alcatraz – Going to Alcatraz prison in San Francisco is worth all of the hype. Being on the “Rock” was different than I had expected. Learning about the facility and those who were incarcerated gave the tour an energy I can’t explain. The island sits in the San Francisco Bay 1.5 miles off shore and is impressive to see in person. After the tour, you will be dropped off on the famous waterfront within walking distance of the famous Pier 39, one of the biggest tourist attractions.

I generally avoid the touristy sites of the pier, but I make the trip for the sea lions and aquarium. I have been going to both of these attractions since I was little and have always looked forward to seeing the sea lions play on the waterfront. Going to Alcatraz will be a fun and enjoyable activity that will bring you to a perfect place to shop, eat or enjoy the view of the bay.

Alcatraz prison.

Frascati – This San Francisco restaurant has been my little secret. I first visited with my family and have returned whenever possible. The food and service are amazing, and the location on the corner of Hyde Street offers the perfect vantage point to see the cable cars. The restaurant has a rare atmosphere that is both casual and upscale. This makes it great for numerous occasions. The reservation tool on their website makes reserving a spot quick and easy. The Mediterranean bistro has fantastic, impressive food.

The ocean and mountains in San Francisco.
Land's End

Top Dog – One of my favorite things to do at home is visit Top Dog in Berkeley. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the Bay Area experience, visit this city of history and culture. While there, walk to all of the shops and check out the street vendors. Go on the weekends when they close down the streets for the farmers’ market. Top Dog was created in 1966 with a goal to sell European inspired real casing hot dogs that taste great and are affordable. Top Dog strives to be different than other eateries by supplying clean and fantastic tasting dogs that don’t leave you feeling horrible. With two Berkeley locations, I recommend going to the original shop on the south side. 

Land’s End – Land’s End in San Francisco is one of the best ways to visit the beach and see a famous California sunset. The park is located on the beach with large rocks, hiking trails and perfect spots to sit, relax and watch the sunset. It is one of my favorite places in California.


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