The entry to Quail Creek Plantation.

Hunters Should Aim To Visit Quail Creek Plantation

Quail Creel Plantation is a landscape in south Florida that features wildlife galore. From the famous Osceola Turkey to endless fishing and clay shooting, it’s a hunter’s paradise. And its beauty makes it easy to see why people from across the country seek this largely untouched Florida acreage.

Guests unload their luggage at one of the many lodging areas on the property. The choices for lodging range from one bedroom, dog-friendly cabins to an eight-bedroom king lodge if guests happen to be traveling in a large group. 

No matter where guests are staying, they have the luxury of a spacious log cabin style home with a beautiful view of the property. If you visit for a hunt that uses dogs, such as quail hunting, you are welcome to bring your dog to the plantation, and even bring him inside to sleep with you, as all cabins are dog-friendly. If you don’t have a dog or decide to leave yours at home for the trip, just ask about the many trained bird dogs on site waiting to fetch all the birds you can shoot. 

A sunset shot of Quail Creek Plantation.

When they aren’t hunting, guests may choose to leave the cabin and go fishing on Quail Creek’s 14-acre lake stocked with bass. Here, guests may catch and release as many bass as possible. If fishing gets old, another option is hog hunts that happen year-round. 

While fishing and hog hunting are a great way to pass the time if you aren’t out seeking your trophy turkey or shooting quail, perhaps the most popular activity is shooting sporting clays. This is a great way to improve your accuracy during the real hunt and is a beloved activity by guests and members alike. 

Sporting clays may be shot year-round by members and are always open to guests there for a hunt. Quail Creek Plantation also hosts shooting tournaments on this course multiple times a year, and their sporting clay facility is widely considered one of the best in Florida.

Although all of the amenities draw hunters from across the nation, it is not the main reason people pay to come and spend a weekend or more here. That reason is often the Osceola turkey. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Osceola turkey is also referred to as the Florida turkey because it is native to Florida. This bird cannot be found outside of Florida, which means out-of-state hunters have to come hunt this bird. 

For many out-of-state hunters, the turkey may be the last species of North American turkey they kill because they can be difficult to find. Big game turkey hunters often seek to kill one of each species of turkey in their hunting career because this feat is referred to as the “Grand Slam” of turkey hunting. This accomplishment is regarded as a difficult one by most turkey hunters and is a respected accomplishment.

Each day on the plantation, guests are provided with a “delicious Southern-style” meal, according to their website, at breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is accompanied by a cash bar that opens every night from 6-9 p.m. Many guests enjoy ordering drinks from the bar and playing pool or cards after their hunts. Some guests prefer sitting outside around the fire and discussing their day out hunting. 

A night shot of Quail Creek Plantation.

Whatever preference a guest has, there is certainly an activity they could find to suit them. Just like having the choice of where to hang out after hunting, guests have the choice of where they would like to eat any of their delicious meals cooked by the onsite chefs at Quail Creek Plantation. These meals may range from steaks and seafood to the game that guests killed that afternoon. Any game you kill and do not eat at the plantation will be cleaned and packaged to take home.

Whether you enjoy hunting, shooting, fishing, or just sitting on the porch of a cabin with a nice view and a cold drink, Quail Creek Plantation has a little something for everyone. This is a great place to come alone or bring the whole family as there is plenty to do for the whole crew. This home away from home feel will have guests planning their next stay as soon as they leave.


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