Zombies, Volcanoes, Insects Spotted In Old Las Vegas

Every year, millions of people visit Sin City. Las Vegas is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World and has so much to offer, but many never get the chance to observe some of its most interesting and enjoyable places.

Over the years, I have made seven trips to the City of Lights and will share four of the must see “hidden” places.

Hidden Place #1 – The Praying Mantis Las Vegas. The Praying Mantis is located on Freemont Street in “Old Vegas.” Yes, it means you will have to take a short cab ride to enjoy this interactive and amazing work of art. However, the experience is well worth the trip. The 40-foot bug made out of aluminum is a fiery sight.

The gigantic insect moves to music and shoots massive flames from its antennas. The huge bursts of propane gas flames are sure to make your heart skip a beat. The free show can be observed from the street or spectator areas. The spectacular site was built by an actual aerospace engineer. More fun facts about the bug and its production may be viewed on a plaque nearby. After visiting the gigantic mantis, take a short walk behind the bug and check out number two on the list.

Ali Rae Photography [CC0] - https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Praying_Mantis_Breathes_Fire_(194075455).jpeg

Hidden Place #2 – Container Park Las Vegas. This is not just a park where kids can play. Adults can too. The park is built entirely out of shipping containers. Many containers are stacked with lots of visual pleasures inside. The cube-shaped town offers entertainment for the whole family. While mom or dad check out one of the shops inside, kids can play in the park in the middle. Children can even sing on stage with a live band. 

After 9 p.m., the area is off limits to children and full throttle for adult playtime. Adults can enjoy live music and dancing near the center stage. Meanwhile, enjoy an alcoholic beverage from one of the many drink bars within the cubes. Once you have soaked in the sites, you can walk a short distance more up Freemont Street for dinner at number three on the list. 

Hidden Place #3 – The Heart Attack Grill Las Vegas. The food is to die for. The entrance sign reads “Over 350 Lbs. Eats Free,” and they really mean it. Anyone who weighs in at over 350 lbs. gets to eat free of charge. They even have a huge scale outside the building for everyone’s enjoyment. People can use the accurate/massive scale for fun and pictures. Once inside, customers are greeted by employees dressed as nurses and doctors. 

Before sitting down at the table, customers are placed in hospital gowns. Then, they eat their meal while wearing the gowns. The reason? After observing the food portions, you could have a heart attack and need the gown for the hospital. Everything on the menu is HUGE. The food quality is spot on. Once you roll yourself out of this grill, take walk down the street to number four of the exciting journey.

Alexander Blecher, blecher.info [CC BY-SA 3.0 de (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/de/deed.en)]

Hidden Place # 4 – Fear the Walking Dead Las Vegas. Zombies! We have all heard of the television series “The Walking Dead.” This fun-filled thrill adventure simulates what you see in the movies. Imagine being chased by zombies, and your only goal is to survive. Well, this place is tucked away in a row of buildings in the heart of Freemont Street and offers the scare of a lifetime. 

The experience starts when you enter the doors and doesn’t end until you kill all the zombies, or they kill you (not for real). The laser tag-style adventures will guide the guests through many different themed rooms, and you will fight for survival. Should you make it out alive, there might be a prize waiting for you. This is a fun, adrenaline filled experience for people of all ages. After you have explored all Old Vegas has to offer, take short trip back to the Las Vegas Strip for the final, and one of the most amazing experiences yet. 

Place #4 – The Volcano. Volcanoes are one of nature’s most interesting wonders. Not many people get to experience the force of a volcano up-close. The Mirage on the Las Vegas Strip offers an experience you will not soon forget. This massive structure spews out lava-like fluid and fireballs far into the sky. The heat of the volcano can be felt across the street over 100 ft. away. 

The sounds and sights of this mesmerizing view can be seen only at night. The shows start at 8, 9 and 10 p.m. Much like many of the other venues on the list, it is open to people of all ages. For a truly fulfilling experience while in Las Vegas, do not miss the other “hidden” suggestions along with the volcano at the Mirage Hotel and Casino. 


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